Friday, April 06, 2012

The 310th good thing about Lagos: A reminder of Easter blessings

Several years ago the Bible Study group I am in had a Passover celebration to teach us about the Jewish rituals.  The group leaders decided to do it again this year.  We didn't have the advantage we had last time of being taught and led by a Jew, but we followed an extensive script based on a Messianic Passover, so it was a little different because the script made reference to Jesus and related how he had fulfilled the prophecies promised in the Passover. 
Again, we began our celebration with a washing of the feet -- we had our feet massaged and washed and then took a turn to wash the feet of another.  It made me realize again how intimate this act is and how humble Jesus was to do this for his disciples.

The script for the Passover celebration is actually quite lengthy and we were on cushions sitting on the floor.  We had the matzoh and parsley dipped in salt water and horseradish and all the traditional things and a meal of traditional Passover foods. 
 Through this Passover celebration, and all through this Easter time as I've been reflecting on the meaning of this holiday, I've had flashbacks to our visit to Israel summer before last. As we ended the Seder with shouts of "Next Year in Jerusalem," I had visions of the ancient trees in the Garden of Gethsemane,
 and the peacefulness of the Garden Tomb setting,
which reminds me of the wonderful gift we've been given,
 that Jesus is not here, He is risen

I wish my family and my Christian friends and blog readers a meaningful Easter holiday -- a time of hope and faith and gratitude for our Savior, who was not passed over.

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