Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The 262nd good thing about Lagos: Women motivated to raise money for charity

 I have met so many wonderful women here in Lagos -- Nigerians and expats.  This post is in praise of expat women who are talented and dedicated and service-oriented.  They knew that the American Women's Club needed to raise money to continue to support our charities and so they decided to put on a bazaar. They formed a committee and came up with some creative crafts to celebrate the season and called the event a "Spring Fling."  For a number of weeks, some crafters met weekly and made things to sell. 

We covered the bottom of clear glass plates with fabric and sealer to make really cute decorative plates.
When they were drying on cups, they look like mushrooms....

Our lovely plate model here, Pattie, made a beautiful African quilt fabric using the "Steps to Freedom" pattern that was our big raffle item.  (I didn't win it, but I am making a quilt using this pattern now.  Someday I hope to finish it!)

We made fabric Easter eggs to hang on these great iron trees that we had a guy make for us to sell.

Easter egg table runners,
Here's our booth with one lovely model displaying some fabric jewelry,

This is Chi Chi, my favorite Nigerian jewelry maker.
Expats sold things as well as Nigerian vendors.
I didn't take pictures of the bake sale and food booth, but the hot dogs and baked goods brought in some good returns and were popular with the crowd. 
Overall, it was a great success!
Thank you to our fun, crazy, creative, talented Spring Fling organizing committee!

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Tamunoibifiri Mobolaji-Kamson said...

I am always impressed when people raise money for foundations in a creative way. Keep it up.