Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The 261st good thing about Lagos: Our oldest son came here on a business trip!

Almost 3 years ago our youngest son, Jordan, came to visit us and see Lagos.  Until this month, he was our first and only family visitor we've had here.  We really didn't expect our married children to be able to come here, so we were thrilled when we learned that our oldest son, Daniel, told us that he would be coming here on a business trip!  He works in research for Shell and came here to teach a new computer model to reservoir engineers.  He was here for almost two weeks and we really enjoyed seeing him and showing him a bit of Lagos, even if he did have to work during the day.  He came over every evening for dinner that he didn't have a business commitment.  Though he stayed with his business colleagues at the hotel during the week, to catch the company bus to and from the office, he did move over to our place over the weekend. 

He enjoyed relaxing at our place in the evenings, playing games on his I-pod.

On our Saturday together, we were glad that one of Brent's co-workers, who works for Total, invited us to come to the Total beach complex.  We've had a wonderful time when we've been here before and we enjoyed showing Daniel a different view of life in Lagos.  Life vests are mandatory on the boat to the beach.

Fresh air, palm trees, open spaces and quiet are all part of a day at the beach.

Though we spent most of our time relaxing by the pool, we did take a walk down the beach.
There are these wrecked boats along the beach -- we
always wonder why they aren't salvaged for the iron.

One great thing about a day at the Total beach is that they cook and provide the meal.  It's a no-worries day!

The whole place is really great, but we wondered why this basketball backboard was sitting on the sand.  No dribbling a lay-up to the basket here!
Video games on the i-pod were the relaxation activity here too.

Big smiles at the chance to be together!
On their last day here, Daniel and his colleagues had some free time, so I took them out to Lekki market for some souvenier shopping.  I wish I had remembered to take their picture at Lekki market. The woman in their group was most excited about the shopping, but I think they all felt good to get out and see something different, good about finishing their work here and ready to head home.  Thank you, Shell, for bringing Daniel here for a visit!

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If you don't mind we can have lunch or dinner or a drink one of these days and I can show you the little I know about Lagos and the good stuff.
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will become your follower asap. I am glad your son had a lovely time.