Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The 224th good thing about Lagos: Shopping at Marshalls

I had a chance to go to a big fabric market today and had a great time having my senses bombarded with a riot of color and pattern and action. My friend and I were the only oyibos in sight and we found that we had a lot of "friends." "My friend, my friend, come see....." It's always so hard to decide what to purchase when the options are endless. We saw plenty of sights that reminded us that we're in Africa....

Notice the umbrella bra display in this picture -- I always get a chuckle out of these guys (always men) who go through the market surrounded by dangling brassieres. The carts have jerry cans of water for sale.

But we collapsed in laughter when we saw several places in the market these pink Marshalls shopping bags. Marshalls is a store I shop at in Houston where I often find some great bargains.

They were complete with a Marshalls 99 cent price tag, but they were going for only 100 naira at the market today -- less than 70 cents. My guess is that, if I had come carrying my quarters, there would have been no sale. But what a bargain!


nlaidlaw said...

I love the Marshall's bag story! Where is your next shopping adventure going after Easter???

yankeenaijababe said...

What a funny cutie story, I can imagine your excitement buying the Marshall bag. I love Marshall's too, great store and bargain in the states. Have a good week.