Saturday, March 20, 2010

The 220th good thing about Lagos: Some people here believe in dreaming big

I've seen the sand barges here and heard of this endeavor and just saw another video clip from BBC News about this project that is underway just off Victoria Island, quite close to where we live. They are building a city on reclaimed land, much like the artificial islands that have been built off of Dubai shaped like palm trees and the globe. I hope these engineers are remembering that they are building this in the Atlantic Ocean, not the Persian (Arabian) gulf, which is quite calmer. I've seen waves come up on Bar beach here and knock down rows of shanty homes. I know I wouldn't put my money into this project, or buy property and live on reclaimed land here, no matter the promises of constant power and comforts of life. But I'm all for people who have big dreams and work to make them happen. More power to them! More power to Lagos! I mean that literally -- Lagos needs more power. One major problem here is the power grid which is totally inadequate. It would be great if Lagos could be a model African city. But, in my opinion, they need to start with building a power grid that will allow people who don't have the money for expensive generators to also have access to electricity. In their aims to improve Lagos, I wish they would start with basic things like electrical power for all, not these glitzy projects with wow appeal that seem questionable to ever be actualized. I have my doubts that I'll see the day when Lagos is a model African city, but I certainly would be glad to be surprised.

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