Sunday, January 17, 2010

The 209th good thing about Lagos: Looking forward to a new year of appreciating life's adventures!

I returned to Lagos this past week, a few days later than I had originally scheduled. I delayed my flights when Houston was expecting a hard freeze last weekend, so I could stay and babysit our house and yard. Luckily, we were spared any burst pipes and I was glad to have a few more days to get things organized and ready to leave town. We had a great month in Houston and really enjoyed the chance to be together with our family.

I started this blog when I first arrived in Lagos in August 2006. At that time I never would have guessed that over 3 years later I would still be here, as we were expecting a short stay. I'm very glad we've had more time to experience life here -- and we still don't know how much longer our stay here will continue. I've learned a lot from my time in Nigeria and have enjoyed the chance to live in a different culture. It has been a great adventure! But I also am always very glad for the opportunity to travel back to our permanent home in Houston and spend time with our children and grandchildren who are all in the midst of their own life's adventures. In August 2006 we had only one granddaughter, and now we have 5 beautiful grandchildren. We had a great time being together at Christmas and I'm happy we had a chance to get some family photos taken.

We treasure our time with our children and grandchildren and really appreciate the roads they are taking on their own life adventures. Our grandchildren are beautiful and fun and smart and we enjoy seeing their personalities develop and the things they are learning. We look forward to seeing them grow up. I'm so glad for the technology of today that allows us to stay in touch even when we live so far away! So to my family: We love you and are grateful that you are patient and supportive of us as we continue on our adventure and we hope that we will always be able to support you in your own adventures!

To all of my readers: Best wishes for a very happy and fulfilling adventure of your own in 2010!


Kathy DeFord said...

I love the family picture!

Rachel said...

Sorry for the repeat, but I love your family photo too. :) You guys look great. I bet it was so nice to have the whole family together for the holidays.