Thursday, March 29, 2007

The 51st good thing about Lagos: Cheap tennis lessons

Here is a picture of Jide, my tennis coach. He's 28 years old and a very nice young guy. He is single and lives at home with his father and sisters. He enjoys teaching tennis, but hopes to find the time and money to start college next year, because he knows he can't teach tennis forever. He wants to study computer science. I had my last lesson (for this trip) with him this morning. I've been taking 2 lessons a week. He's an okay teacher and a good player. Mostly I pay him just to have someone to play against. There's a few beginning tennis players in our building, but I haven't found anyone willing to play with me. I've gotten to know someone in the ExxonMobil tennis group, and she's said "we should play sometime." But I think they pretty much have the people they need for their group. Hopefully when I come in the fall I'll be able to get into a tennis group and get some friendly competition. But I was a little surprised and disappointed to learn that the expatriate community here doesn't have a tennis league or ladder. I really expected that they would. But, in the meantime, I can get an hour private lesson with Jide for only 1200 naira, under $10. And for this he will come to the courts at my apartment, which is a good 1/2 hour trip from his home. This is about the price of a box of breakfast cereal here. That's kind of a sobering comparison of the prices of goods and services.

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