Thursday, March 22, 2007

The 49th good thing about Lagos: It has Nigeria's "premier port"

As I reported in my last post, we had an outing to Apapa, which is the port area of Lagos. I wanted to post some pictures of our trip. It was laundry day along the road leading into Apapa -- the highway guardrails were lined with clothing drying in the exhaust.
At least these areas had guardrails on which to hang clothes. Along much of the elevated roadway the guardrails were missing from the broken posts jutting up from the concrete barriers. One woman had just taken a weekend trip to Ibadan and while there she watched someone melting down guardrails over a fire powered by a bellows attached to a bicycle wheel. They were transforming the guardrails into cooking pots and utensils. So in some places the guardrails are the clothes dryers, in other places they are the cooking tools. We were greeted at the entrance to Apapa with a welcoming sign, and the sight of rusting vehicles lining the road.
Something tells me that the cruise ship industry won't be coming to Nigeria's "premier port" anytime soon!

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Mary Ann said...

I just wandered over here from fMh. I love what you're doing with this blog. So many of your observations remind me of my current home-away-from-home, Beirut. I look forward to checking in here.