Thursday, August 10, 2006

The 3rd good thing about Lagos: Nice views from the apartment!

There are only 2 apartments on each floor of this building and we're on the 11th floor. We have nice views from 3 sides. Here are some of them:

Here's a picture of our swimming pool area. Just on the other side of the fence is a row of open tin shacks where people live. I see them in the morning carrying jerry cans of water. Quite a sobering contrast in lifestyles!

Of course, these are some of the prettier views of Lagos -- someday I'll post some of the not-so-pretty views. There are plenty of those as you drive the streets!

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Nick Mollberg said...

I'm an Austinite who will be traveling to Lagos very soon for a number of weeks - I'm very grateful to have found your blog!

I look forward to discovering more about the country of Nigeria through your experiences!