Saturday, August 12, 2006

The 6th good thing about Lagos: Watching everything Nigerians can carry on their heads!

Nigerians have a talent that is not seen in America -- balancing loads on the head. All over the city you see people -- young and old, native and Western dressed -- carrying all sorts of things on their heads. I couldn't get a photo -- but today I saw a woman carrying a tray about 4 feet wide stacked about 2 feet high with beautiful green apples. I couldn't have gone 2 steps without spilling a load like that! When they walk with a load on their head, they have, of course, great posture and this pretty sway to their walk. Here's some pictures I did get:

We were crawling along the beach road in traffic when I saw these woman approaching and I asked my driver if he thought they would mind if I took their picture. He said "No, they will probably like it." He was right -- after they saw me take their picture, they collapsed in laughter, but they didn't drop their loads! The tray in back covered with plastic wrap is loaves of bread. They sell these on just about every corner. The rocks in the background are for a beach conservation project. The water from the Atlantic often rises up and covers the road, leaving lots of sand behind. The rocks are for a project to keep the beach and the road separate.

I'm not sure what this woman was carrying on her head. We were shopping at Lekki market today -- lots of neat handicrafts and interesting things to see.

Here's another shot from Lekki market. She has peanuts in the tray on her head.

We passed these children on the street by our apartment as we walked to the movie theater. They asked if we wanted to buy some peanuts. I asked if I could take their picture. The boy ran away at first but a man who I assume was their father told him to go get in the picture. The girl smiled when I showed her the picture on the camera and I gave her a small naira "dash" (a tip or extra payment) to thank them.

Maybe while we're here, I'll practice carrying things on my head to see how far I can go before I spill the load of peanuts!

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