Monday, June 20, 2011

The 273rd good thing about Lagos: A special Museum event for children

A week after the last "Museum Day" event, I stopped in at the Museum to take a look at "Children's Museum Day."  I knew there would be a lot of cute kids all dressed up, and the event didn't disappoint.

There were two "Miss Museums" there.
And lots of children....

 And all the children seemed to want their pictures "snapped."

 There were dance performances, kind of a fashion show, where costumed contestants pranced in front of the judges (and it was clear that many girls had watched models go down the runway, because they had the "walk").

I don't know if this was Barney, or some other TV cartoon figure, but he got into the dancing with the kids.

 It's kind of hard to tell in this picture, but there are a couple of girls facing the seated judges.

There was a fun head-tie wrapping contest, where girls were judged by the speed and skill of execution of their head ties.

Here are the contestants facing the judge.

The kids all seemed to enjoy the food provided for them and all the festivities.  (And I did too)

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