Sunday, May 15, 2011

The 269th good thing about Lagos: Royal Wedding celebrations

Aren't these royal wedding cookies beautiful?  Too beautiful to eat, though they were on display this past week at the meeting of my monthly book group.  Our hostess was British and she had just returned from England (where she got the cookies) which was still reeling from the excitement of the wedding of Will and Kate.  Discussing the wedding continues to be a subject of conversation with women here.  It really was fabulous, wasn't it?  We were in Nairobi on wedding day, but I insisted that we return to the hotel at noon so I could watch the festivities live.  Brent watched for a bit before taking a nap, but I reveled in all the celebrations.   There were a number of wedding watching parties here in Lagos, where expat women dressed up for the occasion and had English food, wore tiaras and did many things to really get into the celebration of the big day.  Though Americans and British women were the ones I knew that were most getting into the excitement of the wedding, I think Nigerian women were also interested in the event.  I don't think they hold the years of British colonial rule in Nigeria against this beautiful young couple in love.  I wish Will and Kate a long and joyful future together.   

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