Sunday, April 18, 2010

The 226th good thing about Lagos: More than one way to get out of town

More often than not when we're flying to and from the States, we travel on one of the airlines that goes through Europe. But for our travel home this weekend, Delta happened to have the best prices when we were checking, so we got tickets with them -- and we are certainly glad we did! Never before have we ever considered the volcanic activity in Iceland to be a factor in our travel plans, but it is currently affecting the travel of so many in Europe. We were able to leave Lagos on Friday night, but many who were planning to fly on one of the European airlines were stranded in Lagos after their flights were cancelled with the closure of European airports. Thank you, Delta, for flying a direct route from the States to Lagos and back. We're enjoying the green and flowering beauty of spring in Houston for a few days, with the added attraction of 3 beautiful grandchildren, before heading up to Utah to attend our son's college graduation and a visit there from our other 2 grandchildren and their mother. Yes, I know I've previously counted the opportunity to leave Lagos for family celebrations as one of my good things, but never before has an alternate route around Icelandic volcanic ash factored into the equation!


lovin the empteenest said...

Looks like I missed you in Houston . . . are you returning anytime soon?

Anonymous said...

Nice blog you got here... Just droppin' by to say hi!