Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The 186th good thing about Lagos: Huge snails to look at -- but I don't have to eat them!

We had a fun little stop over at the American School this morning, where the school was celebrating Nigerian Cultural Day. Tomorrow, October 1st, is Nigerian Independence Day, and a holiday here. When we walked in, there was a display in the courtyard of some Nigerian food and we were greeted by a basket of these big babies!

Do you get a better feeling for their size with this picture?....

or this one? Yep, those were some pretty big slugs with portable homes. I don't think I want those for dinner!

We spent our time in the vendor area. Many of the schoolchildren were sporting these very cool woven palm leaf hats.

It was fun to see children and adults all sporting their best Nigerian attire.

There was lots of shopping and good deals to be found -- I got some jewelry and a great deal on some baskets, as they had an upper limit on the prices the vendors could charge.

Happy Nigerian Independence Day! I'm heading off to the Sacred Forests of Osogbo -- more on that when I return!


Rachel said...

I'd definitely pass on the snails too. Gross. Course, I can think of worse things to eat...

kristycrab said...

The woven palm leaf hats were very cool. I was just in Hawaii and was amazed at the things they made out of ti leaves. (not to be confused with tea leaves I guess)

Bradly Jones said...

Tasty snails, I tried it out of peer pressure and loved it. funny how something so slimy makes for a great treat.

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