Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The 161st good thing about Lagos: The government wants us to have a safe Valentine's Day!

This is a bit of a delayed good thing post -- we've had enough laughs about it around here that I finally decided it was blog-worthy. On the day before Valentine's Day, a representive from the Nigerian National oil company came around the office handing out condoms to all the men. Brent protested that he really didn't need them, but the guy insisted, so he brought them home. They'll go to the next charity clinic I visit (unless it's to the nuns -- maybe they can't hand them out...). But I wonder how many of your employers cared enough to give YOU condoms for Valentine's Day?

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Yemi said...

Hello Carolee!

My name's Yemi.I m a 19 yr old Nigerian girl who emigrated from Lagos,Nigeria to London,United Kingdom in 2006.I stumbled across your blog on Google today while searching about something related to Nigeria and immediately fell in love with it.Being away from the place i've always known as home for the past 3 years(i.e Lagos) has made me terribly home-sick and left me wishing i was at home.Thankfully,your blog has provided the solution to this problem by bringing "home sweet home" to me here in London.I m so glad i found your blog and will definitely be a regular patron to keep me posted on what's happening at home.Thank you so much for this and please keep bloggin!Hope you have a splendid time in Lagos(and you sure will cause its a lovely,lovely city!)

P.S:Feel free to ask me about anything new to you that you notice about Lagos/Nigerian life you r curious about.I might just have the answer.You can email me on olatunbosunoluyemi@googlemail.com

By the way what part of Lagos do you live in and which church do you attend?(I m a Christian as well.My home in Lagos is in an area called "Ogudu" which you may have never heard of.