Sunday, February 01, 2009

The 157th good thing about Lagos: Returning after a long holiday feels like coming home.

Well, it's been a long time since I've updated my blog. Too much happening during the holidays to worry about blogging. And it's sometimes difficult to focus on good things in Lagos when I'm enjoying being away from the place. I returned to Lagos Friday night after a very smooth trip and was frustrated to find that the internet was still out at the apartment due to a strike. We went in to the office to use their internet on Saturday, where they had a backup server working and then -- Hooray! -- this afternoon it worked spontaneously at home. What a nice surprise, because, you know, I get quite tense when I have no way to get on the internet. I freely admit I'm addicted.

It actually feels pretty good to be back in Lagos, and I really enjoyed seeing old friends and meeting some new expats at church today. It almost seems like I haven't been gone at all, though it's been 7 weeks. In that time, we had a great Christmas, and enjoyed time spent with children, grandchildren, parents, and also a visit by my brother and the 5 beautiful women in his life (no, he's no polygamist, he's married and has 4 daughters)

Then, after the holidays, I took a trip to Boston to help our daughter welcome a new grandson into the world. The timing worked out perfectly -- I was there a week before he was born, which was enough time for Spencer, the almost 2-year old to get comfortable with Grandma. Austin David was born 5 days late, but healthy and perfect at 8 lbs. 7 oz.
Then I stayed for 2 weeks after the birth, giving some extra attention to Spencer and (I think) providing some helpful service around their home. I know I loved being there and getting to know my grandsons a little better and also getting a good taste of winter while there. We had quite a cold spell and a lot of snow while I was there. It was really fun!
It is really special to be around a spirit so new to the world. New babies are just so wonderful and I really miss cuddling Austin and playing with Spencer, who is a lot of fun, and looked pretty happy here as we watched the inauguration of President Obama. I'm hopeful for a fresh beginning of a new administration in the United States, which is ready for a change of leadership. Let's all hope and pray for wise decisions by leaders that will bring hope for a great future for the next generation.

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