Sunday, May 25, 2008

The 123rd good thing about Lagos: lots of bananas and other sights on the road

We generally have a lot of bananas around the house. At the market they sell them in really big bunches -- much more than we can eat before they get overripe, so I end up making banana bread, as I did today, or I wrap them in plastic wrap and put them in the freezer for adding to a smoothie or baking later. They are one of the relatively inexpensive things here, though, so I don't feel too bad about buying more than we really need. I see produce transported in many different ways here. Often it is just crammed into a car, as we saw it on the road here recently.
These in the car are plantains, not the eating bananas that I buy. You always see people cooking these on grills over open fires beside the road. I guess it's a popular snack, though I don't think I'll ever give them a try. I'm not brave enough to try to roadside vendors here, though I did tried some packaged fried plantains bought from a vendor in a go-slow. That's one of the most common snacks that they sell on the road. We were stuck in bad traffic and a woman I was with bought some from a guy through the window and shared them. They were okay, but not something that I'll make a regular snack.
I saw something great on the road the other day that I would have loved to capture in a photo, but I was stuck in traffic and I was passed by a motorcycle taxi which can get between the cars in the traffic. In between the driver and his passenger were two goats, facing different directions, each with their head and two legs sticking out to the sides between the men. It was hilarious. I wonder what the goats were thinking of their motorcycle ride.

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Lindsay, Steve and Spencer: said...

That is pretty hilarious...both the motorcycle goats and the plantain stuffed car.