Sunday, September 30, 2007

The 71st good thing about Lagos: Less traffic on the Lekki expressway on the way home from church

One nice thing about the drive to church on Sunday is that there is generally less traffic than on other days. By the time we're on our way home after noon, the traffic has picked up a bit.
Today I didn't get my camera ready to get video of a more interesting part of our trip, where we drive on a narrow street through a market area, but I got video of the Lekki expressway, which is a road that is often slow with traffic. There's a lot of construction out on this road. People here say that 5 years ago there was not much of anything out this way but people weaving palm leaves, but things have really changed. You'll see a lot of construction materials piled up everywhere. I don't know if this will be interesting to you at all, but it's part of our trip home from church today. I'm sorry, but I can't edit this video -- I know it needs it. Do you recognize the song in the final video?

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Lindsay said...

I enjoyed seeing your videos mom! In some ways it reminds me of Bolivia...lots of those white vans they use for bus/taxis and many unfinished construction projects. I hope you survive OK while dad's in London!