Thursday, April 05, 2007

The 53rd good thing about Lagos: Leaving Lagos to be with family for special occasions!

Well, my trip to Boston went fairly smoothly. I arrived with luggage on schedule. After picking me up at the airport, Lindsay and I decided to take a stroll through Harvard Square. At this corner (where Lindsay is pictured) in front of the Harvard T Station I had a deja vu moment, remembering walking in the that very place after visiting the doctor when I was a week overdue with Daniel (26 1/2 years ago). I was really bummed out at the thought of collecting my urine for 24 hours -- the doctor had given me a jug and said I needed to do this. I went home from that visit and promptly went into labor and delivered just after midnight. Lindsay didn't deliver that night, but she is now a day overdue and we think she's in the early stages of labor. In the meantime, I'm really enjoying being in Boston. It's such a pleasure to feel brisk fresh air and to be able to go out for a walk on the street -- both pleasures not available in Lagos. We bundle up for a walk each morning. And yesterday afternoon was a real treat: a beautiful thick snowstorm! You can't really see it coming down in this photo (view from Lindsay's front door), but they were huge, wet flakes. It was still on the ground when we took our walk this morning.

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